How can you use the clipped battery fans?

How can you use the clipped battery fans? - Opolar

Using the clipped battery fans, open the clip mouth by pressing the end, which acts as the fulcrum. Both the jaws will open wide, and you can attach it to anything, starting with the table's edge to a curtain. Once you release the fulcrum, the jaws will move back to their leading position, thereby attaching themselves to the support surface. 

Some of the main ways in which you can use the clip battery fans from Opolar are: 

1. If you are camping outside, you can use the clip to attach the fans with the tent's fabric and align it at a perfect angle for feeling the air. 

2. You can also use the clip battery fan by attaching it to your baby's bassinet cover. If you set it at a low speed, your baby will feel comfortable and sleep for a longer time. 

3. Let's say you are planning an outdoor movie night. You can use the clipped battery-powered fan from Opolar and attach it to a support pole or fabric for such plans. 

4. You can even attach the clip battery fan to the bed's headboard if there is a power cut and the outside temperature is too high. 

5. If you are going to a beach but relaxing under an umbrella sunbed, you can attach the fan with the umbrella pole. The jaws can be opened wide enough for such fixation.