What are rechargeable fans? 

What are rechargeable fans? 

One of the major product categories that Opolar has introduced is the rechargeable fan. Here, the primary power source is a battery that starts discharging when you switch on the fan. Therefore, if you are operating the fan at the highest speed, the battery life will be dead soon because more stored charges will be discharged to maintain the speed.

On the contrary, if you are operating the fan at the lower speed options, the battery will slowly discharge the charges. It will increase the battery life, thereby helping you operate the fan for a more extended period. In addition, you can recharge the batteries any time using a power bank, laptop, desktop, or any other power source.

Pros and cons of rechargeable fans


· Portable and perfect for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, backyard movie nights, and others

· Extremely lightweight for reducing the efforts in transporting the fan from one place to another 

· It can be made stable with two different systems- stand and clips 

· Has different fan modes to help you in feeling comfortable according to the outside temperature 

· It comes with a battery that can be charged again, thereby eliminating the need to replace batteries or buy a new product altogether


· The battery life varies from one Opolar fan to the other

· No operation will be there in case the battery is dead, and you don't have a power source to recharge it

· Operating the fans at higher speeds drains the battery life much faster