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What is Opolar?

With the advancements in technology, several new appliances are being introduced. For example, intelligent washing machines, rechargeable lights, solar lamps, and others are some of the most chosen advanced appliances. 

One such trending appliance category which has become popular in 2021 is the small fans. These are portable and can be used in various ways for ensuring that you are comfortable with the breezes or circulated windy air generated by these small fans. 

In this article, we will introduce you to one of the most popular brands known for its collection of small fans. In addition, we will shed light on different types of small fans, how you can use them, the pros and cons of different small fan types, and many more. 

Why are small fans so much in demand? 

Before introducing you to the brand that has become famous for small fan appliances, let us give you a glimpse of the small fans and their benefits! 

A small fan usually comes with a stand or a clipped holder so that you can use it in different ways. The blade designs are aerodynamic so that they can overcome the air resistance. Moreover, most small fans are battery-operated, which makes them more impressive and valuable. 

For your clarification, in the below section, we have discussed the advantages of small fans that you can enjoy. 

1. They are incredibly lightweight, and hence, you can handle them easily without worrying about getting hurt. 

2. These small fans can be carried anywhere, like in the backyard for a BBQ party, camping places, outdoor tents for a movie night, and so on. 

3. With a smaller blade size, the air is moved quite fast, and you can feel the breeze blowing over your skin, thereby providing you with comfort. 

4. Some fans come with multiple operational modes like different blade speeds, different wind generation, and others. 

5. There are sure fans can be kept on the desks or any tabletop, thanks to the stand, which will help you perform your task efficiently. 

6. These appliances consume a lot less power than other fan types, even the standing fans. 

What is Opolar, and why has it become popular lately?

Opolar is the small appliance brand we were talking about previously. The company was established in 2015, making it relevantly new compared to other appliance brands operating in the market for more than two to three decades. 

Even though the company has completed only six years in 2021, it has earned unparalleled appreciation from the users and past customers. Apart from the fantastic collection of small fans that Opolar has, there are several other reasons why the company has gained so much fame lately. 

· Opolar is an expert company has specialized in designing small appliances, specifically battery-powered fans, and heaters. 

· One look at the customer reviews and realize how satisfied the customers are by using their products. 

· Their current product range is highly versatile and can be used in different ways. 

· The customer support is excellent, with service hours being 24X7. In addition, Opolar believes in tending to their customers' problems at the earliest. 

What types of products are available under the brand flagship of Opolar?

Opolar has introduced several products ranges for fans and air dust appliances. Starting from battery-operated fans to clip fans and air circulators, you will find several product categories under the brand's flagship. 

Below we have described the major product categories that Opolar is providing to their customers. 

1. Battery fans: These small fans operate on batteries rather than a direct electric supply. They are portable and can be carried to different places, all thanks to the small designs. 

2. Desk fans: These fans are meant to be kept on the desktop or any other countertop where you will be working. They come with stands that will allow you to place the fans safely for stable operations. 

3. Clip fans: In these fans, no such stand is present for stabilizing the appliance. Instead, the bottom of the fans has a clip design that you can attach to any surface, like curtains, camping tents, and others. 

4. Handheld fans: These fans are highly portable and perfect for outdoor purposes. As they operate on batteries, you won't have to worry about the power source. The long fan's handle has an ergonomic design for a better grip. 

5. USB fan: These fans will work when you plug them into your laptop or other electric sources apart from the mains. For establishing the connection, you need to use a USB cord with the fan. 

6. Air dust: The Opolar air duster appliance is a kind of air purifier that removes small debris and dust from any room or other areas, thereby cleaning the air from several pollutants. 


Opolar has become one of the best brands for designing and manufacturing small rechargeable fans running on batteries. As we have explained to you the use of these fans, you can surely get one for yourself that you think will suit your needs.


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