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OPOLAR Clip on Fan | 10000 mAh Rechargeable Battery, 8 inch

OPOLAR Clip on Fan | 10000 mAh Rechargeable Battery, 8 inch

OPOLAR Clip on Fan | 10000 mAh Rechargeable Battery, 8 inch

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🔥Clip It Anywhere--- The strong grip clamp allows you to fix the fan on the desk, golf cart, baby stroller and anywhere when you need some cool airflow.

🔥Comfortable Portability --- The fan is added with clamps and pivots that enable 360 Degree rotation.

🔥Dynamic design --- The fan is assembled with advance 8 inches blades, and it included 3 speed sitting.

🔥Powerful Battery --- 10000mAh rechargeable battery & fast charging

🔥Quieter and Stronger--- Equipped with new blade and back housing structure, winds become quieter than never before.

On the coming summer, outdoor activities often accompanied with sweat and heat. Sometimes, there is no natural wind at all and it's takes long time to fan. With OPOLAR, you can cool yourself down anywhere & anytime.

CeilingClip on the baby Cot

fan and vertical fan are normal fans people use on summer time. However, they are old-fashion and not portable.

Clip on the parasol pole

No one wants to bring a big old-fashioned fan on vacation. Which is heavy and not realistic.

Clip on the desk edge

AC plug fans are big and non energy-saving. Obviously you need a fan which is portable as well as powerful.

Very Compact Size

360° Rotate Design

Customer Reviews

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Tyrone R. Montes
I am such a fan of this awesome fan!

I work in a very hot and sometimes stuffy area. And now having to wear a mask was awful. I had a small plug-in fan but it was stuck the length of the cord. I researched and this fan checked the boxes. I ordered it Saturday morning, it arrived Sunday night, I took it to work Monday morning. This fan is awesome. The battery life is awesome. It's able to rotate and spin and flip in any direction. The big clip is awesome. This fan really moves the air as well. It really helps me feel like I'm not suffocating in my mask. I've recommended it to several coworkers that asked, "what is this fan?" Just order it. It's that awesome!

Great fan. No complaints.

Works great. Battery life is amazing. I bought cheaper "rechargeable" fans that simply didn't work without being plugged in (yeah, defeats the purpose of buying a rechargeable fan). So I shelled out some more bucks for this one and it was definitely worth it. You never know how awesome it is to be able to just carry a little fan with you wherever you need it until you can do it. This little fan is the perfect size to move a nice bit of air and not take up space. The clip is strong and the base is heavy enough to just set on a table without falling over during use. It has different settings and the battery saver setting is great. This is a perfect "personal-use" fan. Just the other night I put it in the nightstand and blew the "battery saving" setting (which switches between high-medium-low intermittently) and not only did it feel great but the next morning the battery indicator still said it was at 60%. Now, granted, the fan is brand new but I was still shocked. If the battery life can sustain this for a few months (winter when I won't need it)I will be more than happy. Even if I have to buy another one each summer it would be well worth it. But I doubt I'll have to.

Battery powered fan with sturdy clip

This is a new gadget to my work from home setup. This is battery-powered and charged with USB connector. It's very quiet and really keeps me cool. The clip is great, strong, and sturdy. Used in battery mode for more than 8 hours still more than 50% charge is left, it has nice battery charge indicator and 4 levels of speed control. This would be nice for camping as well.

Kirk Goode
Good design! Works great!

I had a smaller unit and just gave it to my son. I wanted to replace this fan. We use this for camping.

Patrick Nash
works great!

works great! small and compact, but powerful. and when it's fully charged it this this little guy goes forever until it needs recharging! i use my fan attached to my patio bistro table where i sit on my lap top computer for hours! this little fan keeps me nice and cool the whole time. highly recommend it!

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